• Madison NH Rec

About the Madison NH Rec

Madison NH Rec is led and supported by a community of volunteers.

Our 7-person volunteer Recreation Committee was established in 2022 to identify recreation activities and programs for the residents of Madison, to plan, promote, and deliver those programs to our community, and to coordinate the wonderful volunteers who lead, teach, coach, and support.

The Recreation Committee meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at the Madison Town Hall lower level meeting room, and welcomes the community to join in with their ideas and support. Please see our Calendar of Events for dates and times.

In addition to the individuals and families that volunteer with Madison Recreation, there are many Madison organizations and local businesses who collaborate with Madison Rec to serve our community.

Add to all that a network of neighboring recreation programs and leaders who work together to create multi-town athletic programs.

Our mission is to bring the entire community of Madison together for recreation, fun, volunteerism, outreach, and exercise of mind and body.

This could only happen with the support of everyone involved.

We are thankful for our incredible Madison community, and we will continue to work hard to expand Madison Recreation programs, events, and activities to serve everyone.

Please reach out! See our Contact Us page.


  • Provide and promote opportunities for community health and wellbeing of body and mind.
  • Foster Madison town unity and spirit through community-wide events, activities, and programs for all ages.
  • Engage our community in recreation at all levels of participation, from active athletics to active learning, from playing on the field to playing cards.
  • Welcome and encourage volunteers in leadership, coaching, and planning events and activities.